I am Cj de Silva. Some might recognize me as the Promil Kid. I love to paint and illustrate. Advertising is not just a day job for me. Film, moving pictures and music are my escapes.
May 4th
6:21 PM

Aww, thousand islands! :-O

April 9th
4:28 AM

US-2 EVIL-0’s Our Weekends Dissolve

Second single from Dirty Debutantes album

Director: Ramon de Veyra
DOP: Dan Gil
PD: Vicky Velasco
AD: Mihk Vergara
PM: Adi Lopex
Editor/Colorist: Wincy Ong
Produced by: Watusi Productions and PMS Records
Special thanks to: Nokia

(Info from Wincy’s Youtube)

Wait til the latter part, everything gets extra special.