I am Cj de Silva. Some might recognize me as the Promil Kid. I love to paint and illustrate. Advertising is not just a day job for me. Film, moving pictures and music are my escapes.
June 6th
11:59 AM

Feanne's artworks stolen by Lendl (Dale) Romero


The winning design as shown on this page (under “Partner Prize”):

It’s already being sold as a t-shirt here Update June 5, 2012, 2:55PM — Graniph has already responded to me and promised to take care of this matter. Thank you to Dave at Graniph for emailing me a quick response!

My 2007…

Dear Feanne, what you did was right. Personally, I am for sharing your art to people, sometimes, even for free. But what Ledl (Dale) Romero did is clearly unacceptable. I support you, Feanne.