I am Cj de Silva. Some might recognize me as the Promil Kid. I love to paint and illustrate. Advertising is not just a day job for me. Film, moving pictures and music are my escapes.
December 29th
6:01 AM

Great Use of Illustration in Web Design

This is so inspiring. Two of the things I love the most: web design and illustration. I picked out some of my favorites!

I like how doodly it is, yet it looks clean.

http://10words.richpurple.com/ -┬áIt’s all doodly and stuff yet it looks clean!

http://www.mattsalik.com/ - I’m just a sucker for texture and subdued colors.

http://huazhongwen.com/ - I like that the lines are not so precise and whimsical. (Woot. I hope you now get what I mean.) And the color palette.

http://www.sophiehenson.com/ - The colors are relaxing. And again, it’s organized and clean!

http://www.loscoloresolvidados.com/ - Apart from its interesting content, the design is very whimsical without going overboard.

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